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Thai Herbal compress
We supply various kind of Thai herbal compress. It is suitable for both home use and professional . Our Thai compress are blended from finest quality herbs organically grown in Central region of Thailand.

Brand Name : Dokbuasee

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Detail : Thai Herbal Ball Massage Spa

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Place of Origin : Thailand

Port of Loading : Bangkok

About Thai Herbal compress
Our Thai herbal compress has the medicinal properties of the natural herbs Thai compress to cure sprains 100 % concentrate the natural herbs used in this recipe are the Thai herbal compress suitable for body pain herbs are fresh and dry herbs. Our ball has herbal herbs with essential oils from many kind of herbs.

Ingredients of Thai herbal compress :
-Cymbopogon citratus (Deex Nees) Stapf -Camphora ( L . ) J.S. Presl -Citrus hystrix DC. -longa Linn. Zingiberaceae -cassumunar Roxb. -Acacia rugata Merr -indica Linn.

How to use Thai herbal compress
1.Bring the compress 2 pcs and steamed in a steamer about 15-20 minutes 2.when Thai herbal compress hot pack to the first point or position to maintain. 3.When the first Thai Herbal compress cold bring the ball back to steam again.4.The massage need Thai herbal compress hot all time generally. It takes 15-20 minutes for massage per one time but If you have symptoms sprains possibly use herbal compress 2 times a day.
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