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Product Description:

1. Quickly wipe off dirt, oil and dead skin
2. Promote metabolism
3. Have a positive effect on pimple, whelk and so on.
4. Feel comfortable and brisk after using
5. Functions of skin protection and sterilization
6. Soften skin and delay the aging of skin after long use

1. Pure natural material
2. Massage and soften skin
3. Convenient to use
4. Get rid of pimple, whelk and so on.

Usage :

1). Soak the loofah brush for a minute
2). Put some facial cleanser on the skin; Then use it to rub the skin gently, the dust and oil in the trichopore could be wiped off easily, preventing you from pimple and so on.
3). Please hang up it to dry by airing after use.

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